Fermin Revueltas Sanchez

Most parents dream of not only seeing their children prosper on a personal level, but also within the professional world.  Romana Sanchez Arias and Gregorio Revueltas Gutierrez no doubt fell satisfied from their children’s professional success.  Four of their children, Silvestre Revueltas, Jose Revueltas, Rosaura Revueltas, and Fermin Revueltas Sanchez achieved very high levels of success within their professional fields.  We have already begun exploring the life and music of Silvestre Revueltas and it is curious as to how or if his siblings shared any artistic synergy with Silvestre.  To try and answer this question I will briefly explore the work and life of Fermin Revueltas Sanchez.

Fermin Revueltas was an artist who would become most well known for his work as a muralist.  His works fall into the category of stridentism, a form of painting that was a direct result of the Mexican Revolution.  It is a style that depicts current society as well as protests the elite class.  Apart from painting, Fermin also created stained glass windows and was an avid cartoonist, illustrator and photographer.  However, his most famous works remain the murals painted within various Mexican institutions such as the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria and the San Ildefonso College.

Upon examining whether or not Fermin and Silvestre Revueltas shared any artistic synergy, it is not their work that interests me, but their lives.  Apart from travelling and studying together they both had very similar political viewpoints.  Their father sent them to study in Texas and they both would eventually continue their studies in Chicago.  By the end of the 1920s the brothers returned to Mexico where they both would become involved in leftist political organizations.  Silvestre became affiliated with LEAR (Liga de Escritores y Artistas Revolucionarios) while Fermin became a member of the Partido Comunista Mexicano.  Fermin Revueltas Sanchez died in 1935 at the age of 34.  Many of his works are unfinished.

It is clear that Silvestre and Fermin both created politically fueled works.  For me, I can no longer think of one of these men without the other, for both deliver the same message through different artistic mediums.  Their personal similarities cannot be ignored, as well as the disturbing fact that they both lived unnaturally short lives.

-Nathan Black


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