Rosaura Revueltas


Reflection about Rosaura Revueltas

Rosaura Revueltas (was born in August 6, 1910 in Durango Mexico-April 30,1996 in Cuernavaca). The Mexican actress became famous and caused a large impact after acting in the movie “Salt of the Earth”progress-1352”. Revueltas has also appeared in others films such as “Islas Marias”, “Muchachas de uniforms”, and “US film Sombrero” but “Salt of the Earth” was the most polemic and changed her career and life forever after it.

“Salt of the Earth” was her most important film for many reasons starting with this film empowers women. The central character Esperanza who was interpreted by Rosaura was, an unsure, insecure and preoccupied woman who was married to Ramon. Ramon is an American-Mexican miner working for a miner company on New Mexico (USA) under unsafe work conditions. Esperanza can see the companies’ racism that her husband is so blind to. She decides to fight the companies herself by getting the other spouses together to create an oppression claiming for betting work conditions, woman`s rights, and fighting against the same enemies their men have. The protagonist changes and the women become very strong and confident. Esperanza teaches her husband what kind of a woman she has become and how their relationship will work from now on.

The movie was very important for showing new perspectives and becoming a political issue with the United States and Mexico. During the recording  Rosaura Revueltas had many problems   with different institutions, since the movie was very  revolutionary for the time, as for example she was arrested by U.S. immigration agents in United States because of  The conservative California congressman, Donald Jackson, he strongly insisted to say that the film was being made by a “bunch of communists” as a “new weapon for Russia.” She was then charged with illegal entry, and faced deportation to Mexico. Rosaura was compared to her three others brothers a musician, a painter and a writer who were tagged as communists and  with that she never more could come back to Unites States. She was also banned of acting in Mexico since the  Mexicans were angry because she caused troubles and for them she just wanted to became famous what determined the  ending of her career.

So to conclude can we  can definitely say three very important points explaining why the movie wasn`t accepted well and caused troubles to Rosaura, the  first one is because  it empowers women, in second it brings up controversy and during that time this kinds of things were too much , and in third it  helped to create new ways of thinking with the Mexican  revolution.

Johanny Barbosa

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