Toward A New Music: What?


After reading the three chapters on Chavez’s Toward a New Music it brought me to thinking about everything I’ve ever thought about when I think about what type of choir I want to run when I get older. Why does this matter? Chavez explored the ideas of electric instruments and the uprising of new music being performed more often. Little did Chevez know, this is the pop culture we see today. We’ve come from a time where you had to be of importance or know someone of importance to get your music heard by the public. Today, we can login on some sort of social media and hear anyone’s music should they put it out there. It’s great! It’s great because anyone can be a musician and with that, more people (I hope) love the arts of all types. He talks about incorporating music that is newly written for these new electronic instruments like the Theremin. He also took up the idea that these instruments would replace the performers and as a future educator it gets me thinking.

I can’t help but think “Should I have my children skip the Shanadoh phase of learning how to sing and go directly to the Glorified Karaoke phase?” I have always believed that learning about the history of music is important because it shows the kids how far we’ve come. They need to know that even though music might not sound like this currently, it is still the basis and we can find similarities in tonality or form within music today.

Chavez made the point that if electronic music could replace the performers then the music would be perfect every time. He made the point that he could have a perfect recording and then give that to the people so they heard perfect music every time. It made me realize that I hope musicians never go out of work. It made me realize it is totally 100% without-a-doubt alright to dream about what the future of music will be. I can’t be afraid of losing a job or having “odd” music being a norm when I program music for my students. I get to teach my students about theory and how to perform. While this is article is all over the place, understand that I come here with love in my heart. I learned that Chavez had good points about the future of music. He said there would be a lack of performers because there wouldn’t be a need. Now, we have EDM (Electric Dance Music) where it’s a person using a computer so there are no mistakes to an extent. What I believe he missed, is that music will always exist with the intent of being music for people. There is always going to be someone, regardless of their position in the music making process, that needs that music. So with that being said, if you’re reading this as a musician; be not afraid of the music, for the music speaks. If you are a spectator who randomly ended up on this blog; support local art, go to see the local high school, listen to your son’s band, and be open to experience music.

Best Regards,

Corina Villarreal


*This uncle went on to become one of the members of the Glen Miller Orchestra so I guess it wasn’t that bad.


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